These two Swedish men decided to visit Sunderland after watching it on Netflix

Two men from Sweden are coming to visit Wearside and watrch SAFC having been took in by the city on the Netflix documentary- Sunderland Till’ I die

Peter Karlsson and his friend Erik Engblom, watched the acclaimed Netflix series last year and began exploring opportunities to visit. To seek advice on what to do and visit, they joined the “Sunderland Have Your Say” group on facebook.

In asking about the city, they asked for places to say, popular pubs to drink in and places to eat.

Although predictably they were met with some jokes and sarcastic responses, as such as “the local way to say hello is ‘Up the Mags!’, the two quickly became touched by the friendly nature and support offered by locals, having wrote:

Sunderland has something that many other cities in the world doesn’t. A lot of warm, kind people that actually cares.”

“This is kind of an unusual trip for us, but after your warm and 100% welcoming approach, we can’t wait for this to happen.”

They are set to fly into the city today, having posted an update from Stockholm Airport at 6am!

SGM sincerely hopes they enjoy their stay on Wearside and we would like to offer our sincere thanks to them for being open minded and curious enough to come to Sunderland. We hope many more follow.