This County Durham Pub owns a bar from the Titanic’s sister ship, which it bought from Vaux, find out why here

In the oddly named village of Pity Me, County Durham, sits an old inn that has stood for at least 250 years. Its name is the The Lambton Hounds Inn. In this pub lies a very surprising historical item, a cocktail bar which was originally part of the RMS Olympic, the Sister Ship of the doomed Titanic.

The RMS Olympic, constructed in 1910 and in operation until 1935, was the luckiest out of the White Star Line’s Olympic class liners because unlike its sisters Titanic and Britannic, it was the only one which didn’t sink. In service for 25 years, Olympic survived the first world war and even a collision with another ship.

When the time came for Olympic to be retired, in which it was to be replaced by the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, the ship was taken to Jarrow to be scrapped, which of course explains how its interior ends up around the North East of England.

At first, the bar went to a regional pub, which was sponsored by none other than Vaux Breweries. When the pub failed to pay its debts, the pub repossessed the bar as compensation. For decades it seems that Vaux owned the treasured bar, but then in 1999 the famed Sunderland institution came to an end itself and its assets were also sold.

The bar then found its way into the hands of the Lambton Hounds Inn, the historic pub of Pity Me, where it has remained ever since and kept in good condition.

So if you are a fan of the titanic and want to experience the nostalgia and feeling of it, without of course squandering $250,000 on a submarine trip to your death, head to Pity Me instead and have a drink over the bar of its very much identical sister ship, the Olympic.