This fantastic McDonald’s Breakfast Hack will make your McMuffin taste so much better, have you tried it?

We all love a McDonald’s Breakfast every now and then.

While not a statement of healthy food, sometimes after a busy working week you just can’t resist ordering one to your home when you’re too tired to cook.

Or who doesn’t like a cheeky early morning mission to the drive thru?

But now, an extraordinary new “hack” for McDonald’s breakfast has been going viral online.

For those who love to eat Sausage and Egg McMuffins, this new method encourages you to put your hash brown inside of the muffin and make it a combined sandwich!

The new “formula” is even being advertised on the McDonald’s US website!

The new taste is said to be much more wholesome and even “godly”

Have you tried it? Or will you try it? Keep it in mind the next time you fall to the temptation of McDonald’s breakfast!