This is what Sharon Osbourne looks like now, as former X-Factor Judge reveals “horrifying” new look

In the early 2000s, the Osbournes were a popular cultural icon. The family became a staple of reality television, featuring in dozens of shows and even making and film cameos.

Sharon Osbourne, the Wife of Ozzy, was frequently seen as the matriarchal and brains of the clan, acting as a voice of reason and maturity as she kept her “wayward” husband, the former Black Sabbath star right.

She did several stints as judges on the X-Factor and America’s Got Talent, as well as releasing several books about herself which went on to become bestsellers.

In October this year, the British born American star turned 70 years old, and appears to be still enjoying family life.

However, a series of newly released photos of her have revealed that she has gotten a “makeover” of sorts, investing in significant amounts of plastic surgery in the bid to beat back her advancing age.

It is reportedly the 4th bout of comestic surgery she has had so far, producing an ever changing appearance which has left her unrecognizable from her X-factor days

For comparative purposes, this cover of her autobiography shows what she used to look like

Therefore, one night ask, is it not better to just age naturally and with dignity? We all want to look our best, surely, but there are ways to do it without turning our face into plastic.

In western countries, very few excessive bouts of cosmetic surgery tend to end well for the recipient.