This Washington Tattoo Parlor specialises in “Dark Arts” is set in a former morgue, and is allegedly haunted

Are you a fan of horror and dark themes? And do you love tattoos? A new tattoo studio that has opened up in Washington may be the most unique and thrilling in one Sunderland right now, complete with a creepy history.

The “Dark Arts Tattoo Studio” set in Coach Road, Washington offers tattoos and piercings on a horror and dark theme, ideal for lovers of terrifying films, demons or just goths in general.

The studio has an apt location for such a profession, it is based on what its owners say is the site of a former Morgue and funeral home.

Not only that, but according to them, it is haunted and they say they have been subject to some mysterious occurrences.

Local ghost hunting group Pitch Black Investigations has even done a search of their premises!

The studio also has a unique tattoo vending machine and a “mystery tattoo” dispenser.