Two men from Hendon and Ford Estate responsible for JD Ram Raid in Durham earlier this year

Two Sunderland men, one from Hendon, the other from Ford Estate, have been convicted of engaging in a ram raid against a Durham retail store earlier this year.

  • Jordan Douglas, 34, and Mark Riddell, 42 ram raided JD Sports at the Arnison Centre.
  • They stole £3400 worth of goods in the process
  • But their heist failed as they were identified and then arrested in minutes
  • They have now been both sentenced to prison.
  • Mark Riddell, from Felstead Square, Ford Estate, has numerous previous convictions and was recently released from prison. He was sentenced to 16 months.
  • Douglas of East Vines, Hendon, was also sentenced to additional crimes including criminal damage against a house in Thorney Close, causing £4000 worth of damage, brandishing a whiskey bottle as a weapon and then failing to attend court.