UK: Parents allege suspended teacher “rained down punches” on 10 year old student multiple times

A teacher at a school in north London has been suspended after claims a 10-year-old pupil was “punched multiple times”.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating allegations that a member of staff at Christ the King Primary School in Islington punched the 10-year-old which resulted in the child needing to receive treatment at A&E.

His father, Charles Etumnu recounted what his son told him happened: “He said he was on a stairwell landing watching a pupil that was getting into trouble.

“He then felt a forceful push from behind. He stumbled and regained balance and said ‘Don’t touch me’.

“The teacher then dragged him to a confined space on the landing and started raining punches on him.

“He was trying to fend them off when other teachers came and pulled them off him. My son then started crying.”

Mr Etumnu’s wife said she was called to the school following the incident.

It was upon collecting him that their son said his chest was hurting.

“He was complaining of pains so my wife took him to A&E. He was restless and so shocked by what happened,” said Mr Etumnu

The suspension letter alleges the child “had been suspended for an act of aggression towards a member of staff”.

It claims the child “injured a member of staff today in the playground” and that he “hit them several times knocking off their glasses” and “pulled a clump of their hair out”.

Mr Etumnu said he did not recognise the language used regarding his son.

“I was really anxious after hearing about what had happened and then when I saw the suspension letter I was completely livid.

The Metropolitan Police say they received a report regarding the alleged assault on 10 November.

The claims only became public knowledge on Tuesday after a video released on social media platform TikTok of Charles confronting the deputy headteacher at the school gates went viral with over one million views.

The chair of governors at Christ the King Primary School confirmed the member of staff at the centre of the allegation remains suspended from work.

“He’s never been in a physical fight with anyone. So why would that happen to my son?

“It felt like they were ganging up against my family.”

The family say within the hour of receiving the emailed letter, the school rescinded the suspension after they said more information had come to light.

Mr Etumnu said they have long ties with the school with previous family members going there and having had positive experiences.

The school has stated they are taking the allegations “extremely seriously.”

Three of his children, including their 10-year-old, had been enrolled at the school.

But after the alleged handling of the incident Charles and his wife decided to remove them all.

The family say they have tried to distract the 10-year-old and not remind him of the event which they say has traumatised him.

“He’s a lovely boy. He’s curious, loves playing games, just like any 10-year-old child.”