Wallsend man pooed in police van and smeared it all over himself to attack police

A Wallsend man pooed himself deliberately while in a police van and smeared it all over himself and the vehicle in order to try and resist officers taking him to hospital

Lee Duden, 48 of Bewicke Road, had been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence against his partner while drunk (he was not charged). However, on being taken to the police station he claimed he was under the influence of drugs.

This led officers to decide to take him to hospital to get him tested. He decided to try and resist this and struggled trying to attack the police, before threatening: “While being held, he said ‘I’ll s*** myself and smear it everywhere”.

He was offered the chance to use the toilet, but he said he would deliberately do it in the van.

According to the Court: “He was placed in the rear cage and was seen pulling his jogging bottoms down. On the way to hospital he defecated in the rear of the van and smeared it over his hands and face saying ‘it’s a dirty protest’.

“Officers had to wear full overalls and gloves to transport him due to him being covered in excrement and the van had to be professionally cleaned.

He was sentenced by Recorder Ayesha Smart to a community order with 180 hours unpaid work and £200 compensation for the van cleaning bill.

The judge told him: “Quite frankly, this was a repulsive and appalling course of behaviour. You proceeded to threaten to spit at officers when they tried to take you to hospital to help you.

“You threatened to s*** yourself and smear it everywhere before you spat into the van and tried to headbutt a police constable. On the way to hospital you staged a dirty protest.”