Warning issued for serial convicted Sunderland thief ordering meals at restaurants and not paying for them using a false name

A Sunderland restaurant has issued a warning after a serial convicted thief is reportedly ordering meals and then not paying for them.

Adam Crawford, using the alliance of “Paul” is a multiple times convicted thief, originally from Kent, who is now based in New Silksworth.

Crawford has been convicted and jailed multiple times, both down south and in Sunderland, for repeated thefts.

Typically this has included stealing charity boxes from both shops and restaurants, which has included establishments in both central Sunderland as well as far afield as Washington.

Adam has recently just completed another prison sentence for the repeated charity box thefts and is back on the streets.

Now, Signatures Italian Grill, in Silksworth, states he has allegedly cheated their restaurant using a fake name.

The establishment stated they exhausted attempts to contact him for payment. Other restaurants are thus being warned to watch out for him.