“We’ve got egg on our face”- McDonald’s forced to temporarily remove Breakfast Wrap from the Menu just days after returning

McDonald’s have been forced to temporarily stop selling Breakfast Wraps just days after bringing the popular item back.

Due to “unprecedented demand”, the fast-food giant have made the decision to temporarily remove it from the menu due to ingredients shortages.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said they had to do this to “avoid running out” of all wider breakfast items.

The beloved item was scrapped back in 2020 and ever since fans have been crying out for it to return.

Customers were able to get their hands on the iconic wrap from February 7.

However, the popular fast-food chain confirmed that “it’s not goodbye, it’s just ‘see you very soon’”.

They added: “The Breakfast Wrap will be making its iconic return (once again) hopefully next week.”