Yes, we will be referring to it as “Newcastle-Sunderland Airport”, Here’s Why

Yesterday we made a news post about renovations to the security area, of what we referred to as “Tyne-Wear Airport”. Not surprisingly, as is common, certain individuals in the replies dogpiled us and accused us of getting it wrong, questioning the integrity of SGM.

It “flew over” their heads that the change of name, of what is officially known as “Newcastle Airport” was in fact deliberate on our behalf, and was not a lack of knowledge. So seen as this label is confusing people, it will now be our policy to use a new name “Newcastle-Sunderland Airport” instead, for unapologetic political reasons.

First of all, Newcastle-Sunderland is a shared regional airport which is a joint venture owned by multiple local authorities, including the city of Sunderland. It is not an exclusively Newcastle venture, despite its location. Your taxes are vested in the ownership of the airport.

Secondly, Sunderland is the second largest city in the North East of England and why should it not have a reference in the nearest airport? It is very common for airports to have joint names when they cover more than one major conurbation. Consider just down the road, Durham-Tees Valley airport, or Leeds-Bradford Airport or Doncaster-Sheffield Airport.

Why should we accept the rendering of a name that implies Sunderland doesn’t exist? SGM’s editorial policy is to oppose the Newcastle Centric rendering of the North East which places our city as second fiddle. We want people to think and feel differently about Sunderland.

Yes it is Newcastle’s Airport, but it is Sunderland’s too.