Young man poisoned his mother’s wine after she refused to let him stay at home

A young man poisoned his mother’s wine with turps after she refused to let him stay at home.

Daniel Gaunt was homeless at the time and decided to poison his mother when she refused to let him stay.

A court heard when she took a drink from her wine glass, she could smell the chemical.

Newcastle Crown Court heard it was on July 20 last year that Gaunt was at his mother’s home when she changed her mind about letting him stay.

Around 9.30pm she went to the kitchen and could smell turps and he said he intended to set her kitchen on fire.

Jessica Slaughter, prosecuting, said: “She said he made hurtful comments and became aggressive and said he wished various members of the family dead.

“She went to the living room, picked up a wine glass and drank from it. She could then smell turps and realised he had added that to her wine. She was distressed and called a friend.

“He thought she was calling the police and said he didn’t mean to hurt her, saying ‘I love you, I didn’t mean to kill you’. He was completely beside himself.”

An ambulance was called and then the police were informed by paramedics. Referring to a victim impact statement, Miss Slaughter said: “She has said this has had a traumatic effect on her.

“She feels traumatised her own son could do this to her. She said she still cares about him but this is beyond anything he has done before.”

Gaunt, 20, of Whickham Road, Hebburn, pleaded guilty to administering a poison or noxious substance to injure or annoy on the basis he wanted to annoy her and stop her drinking. He also admitted threatening to destroy property and criminal damage after kicking her door a week earlier when refused access, causing £200 of damage.

Recorder Bryan Cox KC sentenced him to a community order and told him: “It was a pretty serious thing you did to your mum. The course I’m taking today is designed to help you and ensure that doesn’t happen again.”

Robin Patton, defending, said Gaunt has mental health issues.