EDITORIAL: We all love Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery was a little boy who’s tragic story broke the hearts of millions. With his bright smile, innocent nature and big heart, he blessed this world with love and purity before he left us too soon. We have all struggled to understand how reality could be so cruel to inflict such suffering on him.

His life was one that touched and united all football fans, bridging bitter rivalries and filling us with compassion. When the day of his funeral came, Sunderland and Newcastle fans lined the streets of Blackhall Colliery together in harmony and solemn respect. The message was clear, that cancer has no colours.

Ever since that sad day, his parents have devoted their lives to preserving his legacy and supporting the struggles of similar children throughout the world by establishing the Bradley Lowery foundation. In doing so his name has become a symbol of hope, love and solidarity.

In which case, the revelation that two Sheffield Wednesday fans could apparently revel in him as some form of twisted football “banter” has been duly sickening and infuriating to people throughout the country. It is an act as heartless and inhumane as it is callous, stupid and disgusting.

As of Saturday night the two accused have been arrested. The outcome of this investigation is still yet to be determined, but in the meanwhile it is the duty of everyone else to once again make it known that we all love Bradley Lowery, and we will continue to offer support and solidarity to his parents and charity no matter what.

May his memory never be forgotten, and may his legacy continue to inspire us to be better people. Rest in Peace Bradley ❤️