Fulwell Woman Avoids jail after refusing breath test after crashing her uninsured car outside a sandwich shop

A Sunderland woman has avoided a custodial sentence for refusing a breath test after having crashed her car in Fullwell last December.

Dayna-Jo Connolly, 26, with two friends, crashed on Sea Road, but fled the scene.

After being found by police, she reportedly “turned aggressive” when asked for a breath test.

Magistrates in South Tyneside court handed her a 10-week prison term, suspended for 15 months, and a 34-month driving ban.

Prosecutor Mike Lawson said: “The defendant was driving, with two female passengers, when there was a collision.

“They then left the scene but returned sometime later to collect belongings.

“She was traced to a food shop and identified by a witness and thereafter arrested.

“She became abusive and refused to provide a sample at the police stat

“She became abusive and refused to provide a sample at the police station.

“The aggravating factors are the carrying of passengers and failing to provide, which has a 12-week prison starting point.”

Connolly pleaded guilty to failing to provide a sample for analysis and driving without insurance at an earlier hearing.

Syed Ahmed, defending, said: “The reality is that the defendant is extremely remorseful about her actions. She comes from a very unstable family background.

“She had attended her best friend’s funeral and there was a hoo-ha with her ex-boyfriend, and she felt she had to get into her vehicle to avoid a possible domestic incident.

“She had had a couple of drinks. The only reason she got into the vehicle was to avoid a domestic incident. She made a mistake.”

Magistrates suspended Connolly’s sentence on the grounds they believe she can be rehabilitated.