Homeowners express dismay at Gentoo “U-turn” over building affordable homes in Pennywell Chester Gate development

Property owners in the Chester Gate development of Pennywell have expressed dismay after Gentoo engaged in what they describe as a “U-turn” on plans to build new “affordable homes” in the area.

The Chester Gate development of Pennywell is a redevelopment of a portion of the estate, facing Chester Road, which was previously derelict and knocked down. The first phase of the development, built over the past few years, consisted of privately owned properties.

Owners of these households claimed the housing association only ever promised to build more private to buy houses. However, yesterday, Gentoo announced that it would be pressing on with a development of 296 new “affordable homes” in the area that would be rented.

The sudden shift in plans may have been influenced by the new Labour government’s policy to accelerate housing targets.

But homeowners in Chester Gate are not impressed. Speaking to SGM, they believe that this “U-turn” in construction will leave them substantially worse off by lowering the property values in the area, therefore delivering them a net loss on what they have paid for their homes.

As one man who bought a house on Chester Gate told SGM: “We all feel let down and are deeply disappointed”

His understand was that the phase four construction of new homes “were all to be privately owned and that the development, would have a small percentage of affordable homes. Not the opposite way around with 300 affordable homes and 120 privately owned homes.”