Plains Farm man soiled himself in front of Springwell School in broad daylight and tried to clean himself with San Miguel

A Plains farm man has been sentenced to a community order after he soiled himself in front of a Springwell School and then attempted to clean his backside in broad daylight with San Miguel lager

Michael Gage, 38 of Premier Road, had gotten intoxicated from drinking four battles of San Miguel one morning and had developed stomach problems. At 9am he soiled himself and decided to drop his pants and wash away the mess with more beer.

With children in class, a horrified teacher spotted him and phoned the police. After leaving the scene, police found him in a nearby garage.

In court, it was determined that Michael was suffering alcohol problems and had no intention to deliberately expose himself to children, with his alcoholism stemming from the grief of his mother’s passing.

He pleaded guilty to charges of public indecency and was given an 18 month community order and a £114 victim subcharge.