Seaburn man jailed for punching two teenagers at Brockley Whins Metro station

A Seaburn man has been jailed after he brutally punched two teenagers at Brockley Whins Metro Station

Buzz Smith, of Shields Road, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing Actual Bodily Harm and one count of theft at an earlier hearing and was sentenced to 28 months in jail at Newcastle Crown Court today, Tuesday, January 31.

Smith, 31, of Shields Road, Sunderland, was arrested after a British Transport Police investigation.

The court heard how one Thursday in 2021, shortly after 9pm, Smith approached a teenage boy as he walked from Brockley Whins Metro station in South Tyneside.

Smith demanded a cigarette from the boy before punching him to the ground, knocking out one of his teeth, stealing his phone and running off.

The victim managed to make his way back to the Metro station to raise the alarm before asking a stranger to help him home.

On their way they encountered a group of teens who had witnessed the attack and called the police.

Another one of the boys was also attacked by Smith, who demanded money from him, punching him twice in the face and breaking his glasses.

Investigating officer DS Graham Marshall-Batey said: “Smith is an opportunistic bully who behaved in the most cowardly manner, picking on two defenseless young boys.

“Both his victims remain affected by what happened that evening. One is still receiving dental treatment as a result of Smith’s violence

“While incidents like these are very rare on the rail network, we will always do everything possible to bring offenders to justice.