This delicious West African and Caribbean Restaurant in Monkwearmouth is inviting you to a food tasting party

A Monkwearmouth based intercontinental restaurant is hosting a food tasting party next week.

Deephad Intercontinental Dishes, based on Dundas street describes itself as “preparing” delicious African and Intercontinental cuisines at reasonable prices.”

Now, their exclusive tasting party will undergo at December 10th, 4pm.

Speaking exclusively to SGM, the restaurant says: “We’re proud to bring the assorted and highly delicious West Africa cuisines to the international community.

We painstakingly prepare traditional favourites like Jollof Rice, Fried rice, Egusi Soup, Abula, Assorted meat, Suya, Pepper soup, Ewa Aganyin and other delicacies to be washed down with Malta Guinness, Maltina, Coke, Fanta, exotic Zobo drinks on the list of Drinks.

Also, we prepare English cuisines. We also cater for all events, big or small. You can also have a bite of our tantalising cakes and very tasty pastries.

Deephad Intercontinental Dishes is very passionate about sharing the rich culinary traditions of West Africa with the world.”

Come and join us for a truly authentic and delicious dining experience today at the best in the North East, United Kingdom!”

Deephad Intercontinental Dishes is located at 45, Lower Dundas Street, Monkwearmouth SR6 0BD.