Woman attacked William Jameson Manager and threw chair through the window for being refused service

A woman attacked a manager and smashed a window with a chair after being refused service at a Sunderland City Centre pub.

Amber Dunn, 24, lashed out inside the Wetherspoon-run William Jameson in Fawcett Street, after she and her boyfriend were refused service for past misdemeanors.

In retaliation, Dunn, of no fixed abode but previously of St Marks Way, Laygate, South Shields, tossed a wooden advertising sign at the assistant manager.

It struck him on an arm but caused no injury. She then smashed a window with her chair-throwing antics on Saturday, September 10.

At South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, Dunn’s case was adjourned for reports after she pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and assault by beating.

Prosecutor Mike Lawson said: “The defendant was there with another person. They were refused service because of a previous incident.

“Because of this, there was a confrontation and glasses were thrown. As she was leaving, she picked up a wooden sign.

“She threw it at the assistant manager, hitting his arm but not causing significant injury.

“As they were leaving the pub again, a further object was thrown but it didn’t connect.

“After they were ejected, she picked up a traffic cone and tried to smash a door.

“When that failed, she picked up a chair and managed to break the window of the pub with it.”

Jason Smith, defending, said Dunn’s crimes were committed after she became involved with a violent boyfriend whose behaviour she was encouraged to mimic and who was with her that day.

Mr Smith added: “Between July and December, she got involved with this man, he turned her life around.

“She has managed to extract herself from that, but that doesn’t excuse her actions that night.

“She accepts that she moved the sign, which connected with the gentleman’s arm.

“If you look at Amber’s record, you’ll see the last period of committing offences was in 2018.

“The reality is that between 2018 and 2022, she committed no offences.”

Magistrates told Dunn, who owes the court £2,460 from past offending fines, her latest offences were “serious”.

They ordered a report into her offending ahead of sentencing at the same court on Wednesday, March 8.

She was granted bail on condition she stays away from the pub and does not contact prosecution witnesses.