Auditions Opening for “The North Star” Main Character Sophie Scott as screenplay moves forward

Auditions are opening for the main character of a future film set in Sunderland: The North Star.

The North Star, a urban fantasy film, follows the life of Sunderland girl Sophie Scott as she finds herself called to be a legendary hero of the aforementioned title, and must save the city and the North East from an ancient evil while overcoming her own struggles in life.

In consultation with New Enterprise Studios based in Southwick, SGM have developed a comprehensive screenplay over 90 pages long (1 hour and a half) and are continuing to drive the idea forwards.

In doing so, applications are now being opened for the role of the title character, with the goal of finding someone who is both 1) strictly local and 2) a “blank canvass”.

The following criteria is being sought:

  • Female aged 18-25
  • Preferably blonde hair
  • Must come from Sunderland or the surrounding areas
  • Any professional acting experience is helpful, but not essential
  • Understands Sunderland culture

SGM also held conversations with a number of agencies regarding the casting of other characters in the story.

Those who are interested in auditioning for the Sophie Scott should email us at and email a respective CV and experience as a first step.