Fulwell man punched his girlfriend in the face repeatedly then gave her bag of frozen vegetables to treat swollen eyes

Credit to Karon Kelly for court quotes.

A Fulwell man punched his partner repeatedly in the face then handed her a bag of frozen vegetables to treat the bruising.

Paul Morgan demanded his girlfriend lose weight in an argument, before strangling and punching her repeatedly in the face.

Prosecutor Nicholas Lane said: “He became abusive and suggested she was overweight and should undergo surgery.

“He went on to grab her by the hair and punch her repeatedly to the face. Her face began to swell quickly.

“He offered assistance by getting her a bag of frozen vegetables to help with the swelling.”

She was left with two black and swollen eyes after that attack.

The court heard in another attack Morgan put his hands around the woman’s throat and squeezed until she “gasped for air”.

And in a third she was struck with a wine bottle, grabbed by the throat again and left with cuts.

Morgan, 40, of Threkeld Grove, Fulwell, admitted two charges of assault and one of intentional strangulation.

In an impact statement the woman said she was “not the same person” and a “shell of herself” because of what Morgan did to her.

Judge Tim Gittins told Morgan: “Strangulation creates a real and justified fear of death.”

The judge sentenced Morgan to two years, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements, alcohol monitoring and 250 hours unpaid work with an indefinite restraining order.