Go Ahead for a Greener Grey Street

A greener and more welcoming space is coming to Newcastle.

Newcastle City Council has announced new plans for Grey Street to help the city achieve its carbon-zero ambitions. 

Following a review of the proposed scheme by the new Leader of the Council and his Cabinet, the council has confirmed that: 

  • Pavements will be permanently widened to make it easier for people to enjoy and use the street 
  • There will be a dedicated northbound route for cycling 
  • All pay and display parking will be removed to reduce levels of traffic on the street

There will also be dedicated loading bays for servicing and delivery, with further consideration being given to using those bays part-time as blue badge parking. 

The street will have new rain gardens, which are planting beds that reduce the amount of water on the street to provide a sustainable drainage solution and help to reduce the risk of flooding. The expanded and improved planting scheme will support the council’s commitment to biodiversity by creating the ideal environment for pollinators, while also providing a more tranquil, healthier green space.

Replacing hard concrete surfaces with natural planting will also reduce surface temperatures and heat retention in the city, decreasing levels of carbon dioxide. This is so people of all ages can enjoy the street’s stunning architecture in a more relaxing setting, new seating will also be introduced, with space for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The bollards will be removed, and the temporary planters installed to further improve the street in the short term.