Joshua Effi: “How dance helped me overcome fear and negativity”

By Godstime David

In the heart of the North East, 27-year-old Joshua Effi is making an impact with his approach to dance, not just as a form of art but as a powerful tool for personal transformation and community building.

Originally from Nigeria, Joshua’s journey from the traditional expectations of his homeland to becoming a celebrated dancer in the UK showcases his resilience, faith, and passion.

The dancer’s career is marked by significant collaborations with institutions such as Southpaw Dance Company, Dance City Newcastle, Dance Base Edinburgh, and TMRW Crew.

The 27-year-old said: “I started dancing in 2014, just before I got into university, but the desire had always been there.

“I remember posting my first dance video on Instagram when I was 18, and that was the beginning of something incredible.”

Joshua’s latest piece, “Faith Lifts Fear Limits,” performed at Dance Base Edinburgh, showcased his journey and experiences.

He said the performance marked an important moment in his life, as well as a transition from battling fear and negativity to embracing peace, satisfaction, and self-actualisation.

“This piece showcased how far I have come with dance. Just like in the traditional African society where a child has to do what the parents desire them to do, it limits children in choosing a career path. For me, after my last piece at Dance Base Edinburgh titled ‘Faith Lifts Fear Limits,’ I felt like I entered a new era in my dance, an era where I felt within me that I have overcome uncertainties and fear and I had in my journey to become a dancer.

“‘Faith Lifts Fear Limits’ is more than a dance piece, it is a declaration of my personal struggle, and hope for others. The performance was not just about dance but about overcoming the negativity and fear that had once held me back. It embodied the peace and self-fulfilment I had long sought, and I knew I had to share this transformative experience with to my audience,” he added.

Joshua said his subsequent performance, ‘Hello Fear: It’s Me Again,’ was an extension of his journey.

He believes that overcoming fear and negativity is not a solitary journey but one that benefits from community support and shared experiences.

“My mission transcends the boundaries of dance. Personally, dance is a therapeutic tool, especially for the youth. In an era where digital interactions overshadow personal connections, helping young people find their voice and confidence is more important than ever.

“Fear and negativity should not dictate one’s path. So my message is clear: embrace your passions, let them guide you, and do not allow external negativity to limit your potential.

“Through his work, Joshua hopes to create a supportive dance community in the North East and across the UK.

Joshua envisions a space where individuals from all backgrounds can come together, share their experiences, and support each other.

He wants everyone to feel seen, heard, and valued, fostering an environment of mutual respect and encouragement.

Joshua Effi believes that dance can provide individuals with a sense of self-worth, helping them to build confidence and find their voice.