Sainsbury’s recalls its own-brand chorizo over listeria concerns

Sainsbury’s has recalled one of its own-brand chorizo rings because of the possible presence of listeria.

The supermarket warned customers not to eat its Taste the Difference Spanish Chorizo Iberico Ring with use-by dates from 23 November until 16 January 2024.

Anyone who bought the £3.25 product can return it to their local store and receive a full refund.

Eating food contaminated with the bacteria can cause chills, muscle ache, diarrhoea and sickness, the NHS says.

Some people are at a higher risk of serious infection including those who are pregnant, over the age of 65, newborn babies and people with weakened immune systems.

In more rare cases, the infection has been linked to causing serious complications, such as meningitis.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are not willing to take any risks where the safety of our customers is concerned and so we are recalling this product as a precaution.”

They said the retailer had not received any complaints. It is unclear how many products have been affected.

Chilled and ready-to-eat foods are more likely to be contaminated by listeria. For example, fish, cured meats or pre-made salads and sandwiches.

The recall action by Sainsbury’s is a safety measure and in most people infections are mild, with symptoms going away in a few days.

The supermarket has apologised for any inconvenience this may cause.