See how the Keel Square area has transformed in 14 years, a now and then comparison

Keel Square is arguably one of the biggest success stories in Sunderland City Centre.

The plaza is not only a celebration of Sunderland’s maritime heritage, but it has also become a springboard of new development.

Once a mere template, it has become home to the new Holiday Inn Hotel, the Beam, City Hall and numerous other buildings, as well as the Vaux sculpture and the upcoming Culture House.

The new Holiday Inn has likewise brought many new high quality venues to the area, such as the upcoming Botanist, as well as the Keel Tavern.

The square has similarly established itself as a key venue for public events and gatherings.

But 14 years ago, none of this existed. Here, we show you, using google street view, two photos of the same spot which show what the area once looked like and how far it has come.


September 2023

Keel Square is a resounding local success story. It is an arena of Sunderland City Centre which has been successfully regenerated and gained momentum.