Serial Roker shoplifter jailed for a day after defying Sunderland City Centre ban within 24 hours

A prolific shoplifter from Roker was imprisoned for one day after he defied a ban on entering Sunderland City Centre within 24 hours

Ryan Richardson, 33, breached a police order banning him from areas of the city centre.

The thirty-three-year-old was spotted defying the ban on Wednesday, March 15 – just a day after being served with a police notice to stay away from the area.

He had even been handed a copy of a map on which the ‘keep out’ area was highlighted, South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard.

But Richardson, of Selbourne Street, Roker, was reported to officers after being seen going into a shop in Sunniside, a district within his prohibited zone.

Richardson admitted breaching the section 35 anti-social behaviour order – and was sentenced to a day’s imprisonment by District Judge Zoe Passfield.

But he immediately walked free, having spent two days in custody ahead of his court appearance.

No reason why the order was put in place was revealed during a hearing at which it was said he has 59 previous criminal offences to his name.

Prosecutor Mike Lawson told the court: “On March 14, the defendant was issued with a section 35 notice by police.

“Its terms were that he was excluded from the city centre area.

“On March 15, the defendant was witnessed going into Ray’s Convenience Store. He was arrested.

“The defendant has numerous previous convictions – we’re looking at 59 previous offences. This is a maximum of three months’ custody.”

Paul McAlindon, defending, said Richardson had committed the offence while heavily impacted by the death of a close family member but was now in better control of his actions: “It hit him quite badly in terms of his mental health. He can’t remember much about this day.

“He’s now on a more even keel, and issues that he had are now resolved or are being resolved.

“He was not causing a commotion, he was just seen in the area, he was not being a nuisance.”

Sentencing Richardson, Judge Passfield warned: “You need to stay out of trouble.”

Richardson told her: “I’m trying my best, I’m trying my best.”