SGM reveals new editorial guidelines for social media content

Sunderland Global Media is sharpening the quality of its social media posts.

Following accusations that the organization had posted inaccurate content in relation to certain matters, SGM has conducted a review and overhaul of its social media strategies and guidelines.

This marks part of an import transition from having a small platform to a large one, and to likewise receive the trust and respect of the community.

As of October, SGM has a reach which now spans over 700,000 people, of which reaches almost half of Sunderland’s population, as well as around 30-40% of the populations of Seaham, Peterlee, Chester-le-Street and the City of Durham. A large platform must be a responsible one.

In doing so, SGM will no longer post on matters which may relate to unverified or disputed accusations regarding people or organizations, and everything pertaining to all legal potential matters will now strictly follow the protocol of authorities.

When posting on crime related matters, SGM will avoid jumping to conclusions, identifying or naming potential suspects, or posting facts which have not yet been established.

We however, reserve the right to post about matters of public interest when indisputable facts have been established, even if the specific topic may be deemed controversial or sensitive. We can only retract or correct a post if it is false, not because one disagrees with it.

SGM endeavours to be a community organization that people can trust. We want to create content of the highest possible standards. If there are ever any corrections that need to be made or advice, we welcome you to contact us and let us know.