SGM Reviews: Dr. Q’s Food Factory, an affordable Holmeside Treat

Holmeside is undoubtedly an area of Sunderland that has seen better days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quality local restaurants and eateries to choose from if you look carefully.

Situated next to the Panda Garden Buffet, and as of the time of writing hidden behind some construction barriers, sits a burger, chicken, steak and meat restaurant called Dr. Q’s food Factory. It was time to go on an adventure inside!

The interior of the restaurant was quiet, perhaps given the time of day, but it was a well designed, clean and appealling interior that emulates the style of your typical urban burger restaurant. It had all the characteristics needed for a pleasant experience.

The menu had a wide variety of stuff available. That includes wings, chicken parmesan, thighs, platters, steaks, burgers and many sides. In some aspects the menu style appears to emulate Nandos, just without the Peri-Peri and at more affordable prices.

So having selected the “Yankee Burger” with chips, this is what was served. Admittedly, the portion was smaller than expected especially the size of the burger itself. If you were expecting a giant premium burger you might be disappointed, and you would be better off going to somewhere like No2 Church Lane opposite the Empire if you are seeking that level of quality.

Saying that, the food itself wasn’t bad and was justified by the fact Dr. Q’s is much cheaper than other establishments. One however might get the impression it is trying to present itself as something better than your average burger joint or independent takeaway, but doesn’t quite make it.

Overall though, it’s a nice venue. It’s well looked after, enjoyable to sit in and the staff are friendly enough. If you are looking for an affordable and independent burger restaurant in Sunderland as a change from something like McDonald’s, come along and see Dr. Q’s food Factory in Holmeside. Support local businesses.