SGM Reviews: Angelo’s, a top class independent Sunderland Italian restaurant

Located on West Sunniside just south of High Street East, Angelo’s is an independent Italian restaurant. With a description of “priding itself on serving classic Italian dishes with a modern twist” Angelo’s has operated since 2006 under the leadership of Chef Aniello (Nello) Russo and has arguably established itself as one of the best restaurants in the city. It’s a great reason to dine in Sunniside.

Angelo’s serves everything you might expect in an Italians and there’s plenty to get stuck into, including Pizzas, Pastas, Meat, Lasagne and a wide variety of other dishes, all of which are of a good quality and authentic cooking methods. They have also been offering lobsters at an affordable price of £14 each.

Lasagne and Chips from Angelo’s

The portions of the food served was very good and enough to keep one full. In addition, the attitude and reliability of the restaurant staff was excellent and top class. Even though the venue was largely full at the time of ordering, the dish (as photoed) did not take long and nor was it rushed or lacking in quality.

Above all, Angelo’s is a pristinely organised restaurant with great tastes and a great team and is a symbol of the success of independent restaurants in Sunderland. Make sure you go to Sunniside and support them when you can. You won’t be disappointed.