SGM REVIEWS: German Doner Kebab brings an exciting new option which is well worth the price

Renowned fast food chain German Doner Kebab has finally opened in Sunderland after several years of Pandemic related disruption and anticipation. Situated on High Street West, this chain brings an exciting new option to Wearside which is well worth the price.

Opening in a pristine and furnished facility, as you enter you will be greeted by loud music giving it a real urban feel. You can order at machines similar to places like McDonald’s, or just over the counter. If you choose the latter, beware the staff are a little bit pushy and will try to get you to order more, but this won’t detract from the experience.

Having gone in, SGM went with a basic Doner Box with fries, which cost £6.99. The price doesn’t include any drinks, which include a wide variety of canned or bottled soft drinks. The counter staff will ask you if you would like your meat to be chicken, beef or both. Lamb is surprisingly unavailable. They also do table service.

Other items available include a Doner burger, a Panini, as well as more expensive additions you can make to your box including adding cheese, jalapenos, and so on. There’s plenty to choose from.

The Doner box itself is very satisfying. It is deep with plenty inside, and very tasty too. Along with the set you will be given three inclusive dips, including Yoghurt, Spicy and Garlic. In addition to help keep you clean they will give you a high quality perfumed sanitary paper towel so you don’t feel greasy afterwards, a common experience of eating kebabs.

German Doner Kebab ultimately offers a more quality experience that makes it slightly more premium than your standard fast food chains. It’s a tasty and fun experience. It isn’t more expensive than McDonald’s or Burger King and their attention to detail is very, very good.