Sunderland Charity needs help to raise funds to treat abused and abandoned dog

Pets Pantry is a small local charity focused on helping pets throughout Sunderland and the North East. Although its primary focus, as its name suggests, is to help distribute pet food to families who are struggling to feed their cats and dogs (in the style of a foodbank) it also offers other support to pets where it can.

This week, the Pantry announced they were looking after a German Shepherd who had been abused and abandoned by its owner. Named “Ben”, the dog had been dumped inside a garden shed and left while the owner moved house. It was trapped in the shed for several weeks in freezing cold uncomfortable conditions which included rats, sharp objects and broken glass.

When it was discovered, the dog was starving and dehydrated, with his ribs showing. It also had picked up an infection from the poor conditions and sustained soreness to its elbows. The Pantry is now raising money to help get this dog vet treatment so Ben can make a full recovery.

The link to the GoFundMe can be found here.