The Great Takeaways of Sunderland: Farringdon’s Codland

In addition to our high quality restaurant reviews rolled out by Amy Nicoll, we’re happy to introduce a new series in tandem called the “Great Takeaways of Sunderland”. Here on Wearside, everyone loves a good chippy or takeaway every now and then, and there’s no shortage of them to choose from! Amongst them there’s the good, the bad and the ugly too, but given small businesses owners are very sensitive we’ll stick to the positives. First, we head up to Farringdon to explore Codland, a relatively recent fish, chips and kebab shop.

The fish and chip market on Farringdon is competitive, not as intense as let’s say Millfield and Pallion which as central areas takeaways exist in clusters, but significant for the fact there are two identical fish and chip businesses within five minutes of each other. At the top of Ashdown Road sits Gills Golden Fry, and at the Bottom round the corner on Allendale Road, sits Codland. If you’re living on the estate the chances are you prefer one over the other? But without speaking any ill of Gills, we’re going to focus on the latter as it is new.

Replacing the poorly reviewed “Farringdon Fisheries” in the past couple of years, Codland is a fish and chip restaurant that focuses on quality, as opposed to a quantity basis in what it sells. Whilst of course it is less expensive than the high end fish and chip restaurants around the area such as Downey’s, its prices are slightly above the average rate for your standard items such as a bag of chips, a kebab, burger etc. This goes largely on a 20p ratio. For example, whilst a bag of chips goes for £1.90 in Gills, it goes for £2.20 in codland. Kebabs and some other things are roughly £1 more expensive.

But of course the argument is your money goes further with the food being better than average fish and chip shops around Wearside (and again that is no negative reference to anyone). Codland as a general rule seems to be a standard above everyone else and puts in an extra effort, especially when it comes to the presentation of the premises, hygiene and of course the food itself, it comes across as very well managed and slick. Their success lies in the end product, with decent kebabs, burgers and chips. It’s “up market” without in fact being upmarket. Its delivery service is also generally reliable and not marred by drastic waits.

So if you are in the vicinity of Farringdon and fancy something different, Codland is a good bet for decent food.