Thug coerced woman into having sex with him on threat of killing her date

A young woman was coerced into having sex with a brutal thug who beat up a man she was on a date with, who he threatened to kill otherwise.

While out on a date in Sunderland and walking home, the two were confronted and attacked by Sean Robinson.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Robinson severely beaten the man and rendered him conscious, when he then turned to threaten the woman.

He told her: “If you come and have sex with me I will not kill him.”

Prosecution Jane Waugh told the court in that being terrified, and under coercion, the woman was forced to have non-consensual sex wife him in an attempt to save her date’s life.

Miss Waugh told the court: “She had witnessed the horrific violence and knew what he was capable of.

“She decided, in order to save his life and protect herself from the defendant’s unpredictable violence, she would have to agree to have sex with him so he would leave (the man) alone.”

The court heard Robinson made the victim lie on an old coat he found near some bushes and raped her.

Miss Waugh added: “She was crying through this whole attack. The defendant told her ‘if you stop I will go and kill him you know’.

“She continued to cry as he raped her.

“The defendant said ‘shut up and stop being a baby’.”

Judge Stephen Earl said Robinson is “dangerous” and sentenced him to five years behind bars with an extended three year licence period, with sex offender registration and a restraining order to protect the victims for life.

The judge said it was an “abominable” attack with “catastrophic” consequences for the victims and told him: “You told her ‘come and have sex with me and I will not kill him’, knowing, of course, you had meted out a severe beating to (the man) at that point, she has seen and knew what you were capable of at that time.

“In order to protect herself and reasonably to protect the life of her new friend, she decided to go along with your suggestion that she have sex with you.

“It was not consensual sex.

“Throughout the attack you were telling her off for crying, saying if you had to stop because she was under enthusiastic about this awful assault you had the option to go back and mete out further punishment to the man.”

The court heard the attack started when the couple were walking home together after their first date when they heard shouting behind them as they approached a bypass.

Miss Waugh said: “Unprovoked and without warning the defendant launched himself at the man and punched him a number of times.

“He tried to get away, he didn’t want to fight and made that very clear, he was saying ‘mate, I don’t want to fight’.”

Miss Waugh said as the man tried to get away, Robinson chased him, caught him, punched him to the ground then started kicking him.

Eventually, the violence was halted and the couple managed to run off across a bridge.

By this point, the man was “exhausted and bleeding” and the woman was “almost carrying him” in a desperate attempt to get away.

But Miss Waugh added: “Next thing they were aware of was the defendant had caught up with them and began attacking the man again, kicking him in the head when he was down.”

The court heard it was a brutal kick to the face that knocked the man unconscious before he proceeded to rape the woman.

Afterwards, Robinson told the woman he’d leave her alone if she agreed to come to his house.

Fortunately, she was able to call her parents, who contacted the police, and came to the scene immediately.

Robinson was still in the area, where the victim had waited with the unconscious man after the attack, when her parents arrived.

The woman’s father made the decision to confront Robinson, enraged, he shouted “I’m going to * kill you” and there were punches thrown before the rapist ran off and was later arrested.

It was only when he got to the hospital that the man who was attacked during the date came around and found out about the rape.

Both victims suffered psychological and physical injury.

In a victim statement, the woman said the time since the attack has been the “worst of my life” and added that she has felt “stuck reliving the traumatic experience over and over again, becoming a prisoner in my own head”.

The woman said her ordeal, which “cannot be summarised by words alone” has been worsened by court delays and the fact Robinson initially denied raping her. She said: “On the day I was told he pleaded guilty to raping me I just wanted to cry and cry. For the first time in what seemed life forever there were tears of relief not sadness.”

The woman said she and her family will never be the same after the “pain and grief” that has been caused but added: “My only consolation is he will receive a lengthy custodial sentence, in which time we can rebuild our lives to resemble what we once knew”.

The man said in his victim statement the date of the attack should have been a memorable one as it was his first meeting with the woman and they had planned to see each other again.

But he added: “This date is etched into my memory for all the wrong reasons.

“While walking home we were brutally attacked without reason.

“I tried to defend myself and (the woman) the best I could but the male overpowered me.

“The last memory I have of this is waking up dazed and seeing a male standing over me and a look of terror on her face.

“At the time I didn’t know what had happened but have since found out she was raped.

“The feeling of guilt has persisted. I forever wish I could have helped her.” Robinson, 18, who has never been in trouble before, admitted assault and rape.

Lorraine Mustard, defending, said Robinson understands the trauma he caused that day, is remorseful for it and added: “He accepts he’s ruined their lives.”

Miss Mustard said Robinson had a difficult childhood and spent time in the care system but has “hope” for a better future.