What’s in Store for SGM in 2023?

The year of 2022 has witnessed exponential growth for Sunderland Global Media (SGM), cementing our place as the North East’s fastest growing new media startup.

Throughout the course of the year, our social media platforms have more than doubled in size, with our main Facebook page now standing at over 40,000 followers alone.

Beyond this, our content is already reaching millions of people per month not just in the region, but increasingly all over the world, heralding an exciting future.

But 2023, in particular, will be an exciting year for SGM. We have many things in store, and here’s what:

1. We will expand our regional news infrastructure

We will place a more robust effort in building up the “SGM: North East News” Facebook page, separate to the main Sunderland focused page, in order to consolidate a larger direct following throughout the rest of the North East. In doing so, we aim to pave the way to expanding the variety of regional news we produce, as opposed to solely focusing on Wearside topics.

2. We will push to become the number one Sunderland Site

SGM will push to become the number one Sunderland website. We will do this through a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) centric approach by continuing to publish a high number of quality articles relating to Sunderland History, people, culture, travel and SAFC. As it is, SGM has already established itself as the first choice of reference for many local articles and topics. On a social media level, we will also push to double our main Facebook page size again towards 80,000 followers.

3. We will continue to build our new World Service

SGM launched its “World Service” in late 2022, aiming to emulate a model set by the BBC. The ultimate goal of this service is to promote Sunderland on a global scale. Already, SGM World has achieved 5000 followers on twitter. In moving forwards, however, we will focus on quality and not quantity, will stay clear of controversial topics and also ensure make accuracy and fact checking in our work is bulletproof.

4. We will aim to produce our first film

In partnership with New Enterprise Studios of Southwick, we are preparing to create Sunderland’s first ever epic fantasy and superhero film, the North Star. A screenplay has already been created and has gone multiple rounds of consultation to ensure it is a high standard. Auditions are also underway and the final budget is likely to be finalized in the first week of 2023.

5. We will continue commercialization and professionalization of our company

In the year of 2023, SGM will work to increase its income and revenue sources, aiming to expand its team and employees in the process.