When Tom Baker Visited Sunderland as Doctor Who

Last week beloved actor Tom Baker celebrated his 90th birthday. Baker is known predominantly for the role he played as the fourth incarnation of Dr. Who from 1974 to 1981. His role as the Doctor was so iconic that he effectively became an icon of the series and the most associated with the role.

However, did you also know that while playing Dr. Who, he toured Sunderland? In 1977, Tom agreed to come to Wearside as part of a Christmas parade which was an annual occurrence at the time.

Here, as pictured, he stood at the top of an open vehicle and waved onwards to the crowd along Fawcett Street accompanied by a Santa Claus as thousands of fans lined the streets. He can also be seen passing the famous Binns department store.

He continued to proceed up Bridge Street and past St. Mary’s Church.