Anger After Gentoo Announces Housing Plans for Green Land in Farringdon, Grindon and Carley Hill

Sunderland residents have reacted with anger after the council’s housing group Gentoo has announced plans for three housing developments in Farringdon, Grindon and Carley Hill, aiming to build on more green land as part of a construction spree across the city that has attracted substantial criticism.

The proposed developments will be located on a field opposite Allendale Road between Farringdon and Gilley Law, a public space of grass on Gartland Road, Grindon and on the field around Old Mill Road in Carley Hill.

When confronted with objections by residents on social media, the group shrugged off concerns and stated that Sunderland had an unprecedented demand for new affordable housing, saying that “Sunderland City Council has identified that it needs to deliver at least 13,410 new homes by 2030″.

However, people have pointed out that the city’s population is still smaller than what it was in the 1990s, and that the area has an abundance of brownfield land that could be renewed.

Instead, the march to build on as much open land as possible, with developments ranging from Seaburn to Penshaw, is widely perceived as being financially motivated in the pursuit of more tax revenue.