Farnton.org hails the “start of a new Farringdon” as it reveals first Blue Plaque

Local history organization Farnton.org has hailed the “start of a new Farringdon” as it revealed the estate’s first blue heritage plaque on Wednesday, hosted at an address on Anthony Road and describing it as “a significant breakthrough in bringing to public consciousness the area’s history and helping transform the way people feel and understand Farringdon.”

The plaque however, is just the start of their plans. On Thursday morning it revealed the “Farringdon Masterplan” on its website, “a comprehensive program and vision to transform the area in synchronisation with the promotion of its history” which involves a longer term goal to build a village green like arrangement in the area, inspired by the model pursued by campaigners in Southwick.

If it succeeds, Farnton.org’s vision will see Farringdon have not just one historical marker, but potentially six; immortalizing the lives of famous and influential figures who lived on the estate throughout the centuries including Robert Jackson, Sir John Forster, Cuthbert Pepper and George Blakiston. It is also hoped there will be investment in street amenities, as well as new flowerbeds.

Ultimately: “Farnton.org is a community history organization that commits itself to promoting revival and pride in Farringdon, aiming to put the area back on the map” and it is very much doing so!