Here’s Why Sunderland is one of the BEST Places to Live in the UK

Recently a survey by the website “” branded Sunderland at 36 in the “50 worst places to live in the UK”. Whilst not at the very top, the survey has been rejected by locals on Wearside who said it was patronizing, insulting and those involved had probably never lived in the City. Here, in response to this hit piece, we table a series of reasons why Sunderland is in fact amongst the BEST Places to live in the UK!

  • Sunderland has one of the best and most underrated seafronts in all Britain. With clean white sand, crystal clear water, a regenerated promenade, plenty of restaurants, a beautiful Victorian Public Park and clean air, you cannot get much finer than Roker and Seaburn
  • It has a great Marina to go with it too!
  • An impressive riverside with iconic bridges, including the Northern Spire
  • Sunderland is an affordable place to live, with good priced homes of a reasonable size. People are not being priced out of existence like in London and its peripheries and have to commute with extortionate railway prices every single day.
  • Sunderland has a number of other high quality, naturally beautiful recreational parks, such as the Barnes Park, Silksworth Park, Herrington Country, Doxford Park and Mowbray Park

  • Sunderland has a great deal of internal green belt land which makes a refreshing exchange from never ending urban jungle and overcrowding, such as the Tunstall Hill Belt, Herrington, Hasting Hill, Fulwell Nature Reserve and Penshaw

  • The city has incredible historical sites of interest, such as the newly renovated Hylton Castle, St. Peter’s Church, Bishopwearmouth Green, Holy Trinity Church, and just outside of its boundaries the Finchale Priory
  • The area has great museums, including Sunderland Museum, the Sunderland AFC Fans Museum, the Ryhope Engines Museum, the National Glass Centre
  • The Empire theatre is probably the grandest theatre in the North East of England, and hosts London west end shows
  • The city has a fine range of pubs and bars, including some historic grand venues such as the Dun Cow and the Peacock

1 thought on “Here’s Why Sunderland is one of the BEST Places to Live in the UK

  1. First and foremost I am a great supporter of my home town Sunderland insomuch as I grew up through the late 1950s into the early to mid 60s where I spent my childhood years then on into and up to the mid 1970s before leaving school . I am well aware that Sunderland had a rich cultural , industrial and maritime history and I took a very strong interest and feeling of patriotism in the town and environment in which I grew up in . I can also remember many of the old but iconic buildings (including the old Town Hall ) which Sunderland Labour dominated council decided in their stupidity to demolish . With a little common sense and a bit fore thought , Sunderland could have been a far better environment to live in now so how anyone can state that Sunderland is one of the best places to live in the UK is beyond me and I suspect beyond most peoples comprehension who have an ounce of common sense . I mean come on just look around at many of the delapidated buildings that were being left to rot in the elements , the famous Elephant Tea rooms and Mackies Corner (to name but two) ? after watching the stonework being eroded by the elements and actual trees growing out of the structures , it took until 2021 for our inglorius Sunderland Labour council to get their finger out . I will go on to mention the ever growing immigrant communities of asylum seekers who are being allowed to flood our town and have absolutely no interest on our past culture or history , are we to forever pay for a free living for these economic migrants ?? Sunderland will never again be the iconic area it once was until the people of this town stop putting their X in the labour box , and start voting for alternative political parties that actually might care about making Sunderland a proud English town once more

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