Houghton Thief With 42 Convictions Walks off Free For Stealing £1300 worth of Jewelry From 86 Year Old Woman

A Houghton woman who conned an 86 year old widow into letting her into her home to steal Jewelry has avoided prison receiving a 20 month suspended sentence.

Vickie Gillespie, 38, who was severely in debt to loan sharks and described as “having never worked in her life” tricked her elderly victim, who lives in Easington Lane, into letting her in on the guise of urgently needing the toilet.

But Vicky spent an unusual length of time upstairs, and dashed out of the house without saying goodbye. Afterwards, the victim later discovered that thousands of pounds worth of expensive jewelry was gone.

Later caught, Vickie was sentenced to two years in prison suspended for 20 months, despite having 42 criminal convictions to her name already.

The elderly woman, however, is scarred by the crime. She quoted:

“I am an 86-year-old female who lies alone since the passing of my husband.

“Had he been here this wouldn’t have happened.

“I now feel I’m locked inside the house.

“I am terrified to go out and I am terrified to stay in.

“Now, I don’t trust anyone.”

As Vicky sold the items on to pay her loan shark debts, the stolen Jewelry has been permanently lost. The woman was able to use insurance to recover the value of the jewelry, but sadly said the specific items could not be replaced.