Newcastle Man Attempted to Gouge Out His Pregnant Girlfriend’s Eyes, Stamped On Her Head and Stubbed A Cigarette In Her Face

A man who lived in Newcastle has been jailed for four years and one month in prison for a series of horrific attacks on his then pregnant girlfriend, which left her with a fractured eye socket.

Nicholas Camilleri, 38, had met his partner over social media, but soon revealed his inherently violent nature to her and began an abusive relationship due to the influence of drugs, even when she was pregnant, later giving birth to a baby boy.

On a number of occasions, his attacks on her had involved stamping on her head, which broken her eye-socket, forcing her to go to hospital under the guise of a traffic incident “falling off a scooter”.

Later, he attempted to gouge her eyes out which left horrific scratches to her face, as well as biting and stubbing a cigarette out in her face. He also threatened to kill her outright.

The victim read out a statement to the court that she had constantly forgiven him for his attacks, yet nothing changed and he continued to terrorize her life:

“I live in constant fear of him

“I believe one day the violence will go too far and he will actually kill me.

“If he can assault me when pregnant he’s capable of anything.”

She added in a later statement, after giving birth to a baby boy: “He has not only physically abused me but also financially and mentally.

“It makes me feel physically sick.

“I thought this was love.

“I was so totally and utterly terrified of him.

“All the times he said he would change and I gave him another chance.

“I have rebuilt my life from scratch.

“I will never be someone’s dog ever again.”