Legends of Sunderland: Wee Phillie, the city’s most famous DJ

Throughout the ages, characters of Sunderland obviously come and go. While our series has looked at characters or “legends” of the city in times gone by, such as Goya or Jimmy Jesus, we should never forget the “newly emerging” characters of the time we live in. Having seen him increasingly prominent on the local scene, we felt it was time to do and article on “Wee Philly” a man who has made a name for himself as one of the most famous DJs in Sunderland..

Wee Phillie, who’s real name is Phil Monk, is a DJ, Comedian and “Adult Entertainer”. Having been a Youtuber and made football videos since 2008, he also describes himself as “The UK’s No.1 party entertainer“. Known for his eccentric SAFC striped one piece outfits, use of masacara and other humorous costumes, Phil lives in Fulwell with his wife Karen.

DJ Career

Wee Phillie has worked as a DJ for many years, frequenting bars around the North East of England. This has sometimes involved “adult acts”. Because he had work in Newcastle, some Sunderland fans on the ready to go forum falsely accused him of being a traitor. He responded saying: “I have NEVER worn black n white, I have NEVER taken the piss out of Sunderland. No-one will be able to produce any evidence that I have because non exists. So if you would like to throw these accusations at me then back it up with proof. None of this ‘my mate saw him’ shit. I’m disappointed with myself for feeling I have to explain myself but that is because I care…” In reality, work is work, and his Tyneside shows were non football related.

Rise to Prominence

Phil of course has been in the DJ job a long time, as his age at now 58-59 years old attests. He’s also a good friend of fellow character, Dave the Rave, and there are plenty of videos of them performing together. Although he’s now in his late 50s, Phil’s reputation has moved away from simply being an “adult entertainer” to more of a popular and community figure throughout the city. In 2020, he hosted a socially distanced “lockdown party” from his street in Fulwell, helping out his neighbourhood during what was a tough time for everyone.

However, his big moment came in early 2022, where he “stole the show” from the major TV networks with his exclusive Sunderland AFC transfer scoop over the return of Jermain Defoe, which featured on SAFC Fan TV, a moment “which broke the internet”. Phil sneaked into the Academy of Light to get it on his livestream, causing a euphoria not just among Sunderland fans, but also nationally which led his name to trend on twitter at number 2.

On being interviewed about the experience, he told the media: “We were running a streaming show because we were expecting Jermain Defoe to be announced and we were just following Sky Sports News.“ It must have been about half nine and I thought ‘I might as well have a run out to the academy’. “At this point, we thought Jermain was already in the academy because lads who had been there earlier said they had seen a car pull in with blacked-out windows,” said Phil. “Then a taxi pulled up. and stopped at the gates. I could see what looked like Jermain Defoe in the back but he had his mask on and his hood pulled up.

Although he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, some who find him a bit too much, Wee Phillie is establishing himself as a local legend.