North East Party and Save Pallion Shipyard Group Plan “Day of Action”

The North East Party and the Save Pallion Shipyard campaign are organizing a “day of action” to make demands known to the council which will be held on November 17th.

The day is expected to include a planned march (with arrangements being made with the Police) as well as an effort to lobby the council by a yet unconfirmed means. Organizers say they are committed to a “safe experience for all”.

The save Pallion Shipyard campaign is arguing for the return of Maritime related industries to the River Wear, arguing that the now abandoned shipyard holding can be revitalized to bring back jobs to the area.

However, the campaign has severely criticized the council’s attitude to the land and unwillingness to consider the idea, accusing them of seeking to sell it to property developers discretely.

The North East Party, a regionalist political organization, is seeking a better deal and autonomy for the region as a whole.