OPINION: It’s Time to Ask Questions about Kyril-Louis Dreyfuss’s Leadership

Authored by Colin Makepeace, a veteran fan attending games for 46 years

I’m going to create a storm with this but it’s time to ask questions of Kyril Louis Dreyfuss for the total p*ss take they’re putting up by PR stunts to hide a manager sacking in the form of signing Defoe (not his fault) that Lee Johnson didn’t want!

Giving a manager zero money to spend then sacking him without a replacement or plan moving forward has proved a ridiculous option! Then placing Dodds and Proctor in charge who are clueless, as if the 6-0 humping wasn’t enough, the last 2 games are a totally joke to be honest!! Now, another smokescreen of Keane coming back or is this just to try and keep fans interested? He’s going to lose us all if he’s not careful…

Promotion in the automatic places has all but disappeared, even the playoffs look dodgy now because of the total lack of a plan or respect for us and even LJ!!I ask KLD come out and say why zero money has been spent on recruitment, why haven’t we got a manager and why is the pitch so poor?

Because you’ve no money have you it’s a smokescreen, as if it’s still the “piss take party” being led by Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven against the fans. Maybe William Storey of all people was right all along because right now with the club at its lowest ebb it’s looking like your a complete fraud just like the last lot!!