See How Sunderland’s Seafront has Changed Over the Past 14 years

Sunderland has one of the best seafronts in Britain. It is one of the city’s strongest assets and an integral part of its identity. However, it is easy for it to be underappreciated by some, and it might even go unnoticed that over the course of the past decade, it has undergone an incredible transformation.

Using Google street view, we have gone back in time to look at changes to Roker and Seaburn since the year 2008. By doing so, anyone is able to see that the regeneration of this area has been a resounding success and continues to gain momentum.

Roker Marine Walk, 2008

The area we know as the Marine Walk now, or Roker promenade, looks almost unrecognizable to say the least. It looks grim, without purpose and unappetizing.

Roker Marine Walk, 2022

14 years later, the area has been born again. There are new cafes, restaurants, plants and public furniture. Roker Promenade has transformed into a local hub which continues to expand in size.

Seaburn, 2008

14 years ago, the classic Pullman Lodge is still standing. Although missed by many, we can see looking back it all looks a bit dated and grim. The things which dominated this area of Seaburn, such as the fairground and the Seaburn Centre, were becoming obsolete over time.

Seaburn, 2022

14 years on… the area has transformed again. A new hotel now replaces the Pullman Lodge, the popular Stack assortment of restaurants and bars next to it, whilst a new restaurant property, Zen now stands to the right hand side. The pavement and street furniture have also been renewed.

Pier View, 2008

At the top of the cliff on Pier View, again the area looks neglected and dated, consisting of empty units.

Pier View, 2022

In place of the empty unit now stands the sparkling new Tin of Sardines Gin Bar, alongside a revamped Bungalow Café.

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