SunderVerse to kick off with new Chronicles series to be filmed in January

A new Sunderland and North East centred cinematic universe is set to kick off with a new streaming series titled: “Chronicles” to begin filming in January with the goal of a summer 2024 release.

The landmark project, who’s first big production is set to be the feature film The North Star, aims to create a fictional universe centred around Wearside and the region which will establish a whole new world of monsters, heroes and villains.

This new series, however, formally titled as “The SunderVerse Chronicles“, will serve as the formal introduction to the new universe through presenting an anthology of seven standalone stories in the form of 25 minute episodes.

The production is being produced by Mark Spayne’s Smoggie Productions, based in Middlesbrough, who aims to initiate filming by January and push for a swift 2024 release, in time for filming to start on The North Star later that year.

The North Star, the first main feature of the SunderVerse, tells the story of young girl from Thorney Close, Sophie Scott, who finds himself embroiled on a journey to become an ancient Northumbrian hero in the footsteps of King Oswald. Yet the story, pending on its success, is only intended to be one of many.

The SunderVerse as a whole is an extraordinary concept which drawing directly from local folklore, myths and legends, seeks to emulate the design built by Marvel and DC but on a smaller scale. The series, as well as films, will be available on streaming platforms.