Two police officers hailed for saving a new born baby’s life in the Bridges

By Anna Pavlova

Two-week-old Lenny Lee began choking in the Bridges Shopping Centre just four days before Christmas. Panicked mum, Arleen Avery, immediately flagged down two patrolling officers, PCs Andy Hutchinson and Lee Fenwick. Their heroic instincts kicked in and with their combined 32 years of experience whisked the mum and child to A&E at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Arleen 31 said, “I was in total shock, Lenny Lee was foaming at the mouth, and it was just sheer panic. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Thank goodness these two officers were on hand to help”.

After spending the night in hospital on December 22nd, Lenny Lee returned home the next day and was on the mend. Now, with Lenny Lee safe and sound, the selfless PCs have been reunited with thankful mum Arleen at her Wearside Home.

The baby was given a special police teddy bear to cuddle with by kind-hearted PCs Hutchinson and Fenwick.

Looking back on the incident, PC Hutchinson said “I’ve seen a lot of things as a police officer and not much phases me- but this certainly put that to rest. I’m just so pleased that Lenny Lee is safe and well”

Chief Inspector Neil Hall of Northumbria Police heaped praise on both officers for their heroic intervention under such a difficult situation. He said, “I would like to personally thank both officers for their outstanding professionalism and determination- and I am so pleased that this has ended in a positive outcome