Warning to owners, this M&S Fabric Freshener is toxic to dogs

A dog owner has put out a warning after she bought a Marks & Spencer Fabric Freshener which after she used it hospitalised and almost killed her dog

The product, simply titled as “Fabric Freshener Spray” comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a white and purple label, with the woman having used a Lavender & Peoney variety.

She used the spray, which claims to be “Antibacterial and Antiviral” on her bed lining. However, within 12 hours of using it her dog took ill and had to be rushed to the vets. Here, she learnt the product’s main ingredient, that being Lavender is in fact toxic to dogs.

The dog has not passed away, but is on brain medication and the owner is optimistic it will recover. However, other dog owners are being warned about using this product, or for that matter any other lavender products, due to its risks.