Connor Brown Charity Expresses Heartbreak over Houghton Murder

The Connor Brown trust has expressed its heartbreak over a stabbing incident which claimed a young man’s life in Houghton-le-Spring over the weekend.

The trust, established in 2021 by the bereaved family of Connor Brown, who died in similar circumstances after being stabbed outside of a Sunderland nightclub in 2019, aims to combat and prevent knife crime by helping promote awareness, support and educational opportunities to disadvantaged communities.

Upon learning the news in Houghton and the age of those arrested, a trust spokesperson stated it was “nothing short of devastation” reminding people that “it is never ok to carry a knife, no matter what the age, but for it to be so prominent in our younger generation is truly terrifying and this highlights the importance of the work that we do”

“if you know anyone carrying weapons, please do the right thing and report them. If you feel pressured into carrying them, please reach out for support. We can’t see another young life taken through soon in our community. It’s just so not right”.