Washington Woman Jailed For 10 Months Over Faking Sex Abuse Claims Against Family

Sarah Archibald of Stockley Road, Washington, has been jailed for 10 months for “electronic communication with intent to cause stress or anxiety” for submitting a false report to the NSPCC that the father of an infant was sexually abusing his child, which resulted in it being forcefully taken into care at 2am.

The 40 old woman had used a fake anonymous name to submit the bogus claim, which the father although cleared of wrongdoing described as “having destroyed my world”.

After sentencing, Judge Stephen Early of Newcastle Crown Court Stated: “It is the sort of allegation that causes exactly what did happen and potentially more, there was a risk of more than that, which makes this as horrendous as it is.

“The catastrophic affect of anyone having their child removed when they have done nothing wrong must be absolutely horrendous.

“This thing destroys families, that is the truth of the matter”.

“This sort of allegation has the ability to ruin lives. I cannot, in all conscience, think of a worse allegation that can be made against a man, or potentially a woman.

“The effect has been so damaging.”