Convicted Penshaw Sex Offender Wiped His Phone For Police Visit, Breaching Court Conditions

Convicted Penshaw Sex Offender Jonathon Low has breached his sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) by having wiped his mobile phone history ahead of a scheduled visit by police to his house as part of a regular checkup.

Low, 51 years old of From West Street, is serving a 2-year suspended sentence for having possessed indecent images of children, suspending a 12 months imprisonment. As part of his SHPO, he is to live under certain terms and conditions which gives the police the right to scan his devices at any time they should wish.

However, when they visited him and taken his phone for inspection they discovered the entire history had been deleted, triggering a court trial related to his sentence. Low has pleaded guilty since to having breached the order. His phone is currently under forensic examination to discover what the deleted content was.

This story was originally reported in the Newcastle Chronicle